Philotimo Wealth Management

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Brand Strategy | Identity Design | Copy Writing | Website Design & Development
With a new name and no brand identity, Philotimo Wealth Management needed a way to connect with their clients and convey the value they offered. By developing a brand identity from the ground up, we had the opportunity to do just that.

Using Philotimo's goals and success metrics as a starting point, we created messaging, positioning, and a visual identity that highlighted the value of their service and provided them with the tools they need to grow.
The logo needed to work across mediums. From hardhats to large vinyl decals on equipment, the symbol's linework is kept uncluttered to remain legible no matter the scale.
The brand identity needed to instill confidence in Philotimo and its clients. Care was taken to develop a symbol that did exactly that.
After understanding PWM's goals, problems, and metrics for success, as well as researching their market, a series of sketches were conducted, exploring visual solutions.
Before the final brand identity was developed, three concepts were presented.
Once the visual direction for the brand was decided, the remaining assets were explored and built out.

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