The ethos that drives the thinking, the research, the strategy, the design, and everything else.


Working directly with clients to create brands that do what they're there to make happen. By defining what success looks like from the outset, we'll ask fundamental questions to discover your brand's narrative, create visuals that tie it all together and connect you with your audience.

Helping you with:

Brand Strategy

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Communications
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Character

Brand Design

  • Logos & Visual Identity
  • Naming & Verbal Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Customer Touchpoints

Digital & Print

  • Impact Reports
  • Motion Graphics
  • Websites & UI
  • And More

Crafting brands that connect you with your audience.

Think like a scientist. Work like an artist.

It’s the approach taken for every project.

It starts with asking questions, not looking for answers or solutions. It involves addressing substance, not just surface. It requires defining narratives to inform visuals. It's done by working with experts who see the world for what it could be, not just for what it is. It’s the idea that a well-crafted brand can bring people together, create value, change lives, and maybe even the world.

Through asking fundamental questions and searching for their fundamental answers, we’ll craft an enduring brand that creates lasting change for the better.

Asking questions that address substance, define narratives, and inform visuals.

Behind every great idea is great thinking. Branding is no different.

Research defines brand narrative, strategy, and architecture, informs design decisions, and ensures the brand does what it’s there to do.

It’s a process that involves asking questions, revising views based on what's learned, and refusing to let ideas become ideologies. A continuous blending of strategy and design that clearly defines the brand narrative and visuals, and answers key fundamental questions; what the brand does, how it does it, who it does it for, and why.

All underpinned by the belief that by creating good brands for good people we can solve tricky business problems with clever ideas, intelligent solutions and a little bit of humanity along the way.

To that end, Tanner Garniss-Marsh Design is committed to creating sustainable designs that consider the full life cycle of products and services, and will recommend strategies, tools and materials that reduce damage to our environment.

My Process

Who you'll be working with.

Tanner Garniss-Marsh is a brand identity designer. His work has been recognized by such Institutions as the ADCC and RGD, as well as featured in industry publications such as Applied Arts. He’s also an active member of the RGD, which signals quality and competence to the profession, public and government.

Tanner’s work with clients has crafted enduring brands that do what they’re there to make happen. Collaborating with businesses big and small, design studios, and charitable organizations to create engaging designs that serve their audience.

In his free time, he writes a weekly blog about the thinking behind brand identity design, has a personal Instagram where he explores designs many facets, in addition to designing and building his own furniture.

If you need help with your big idea or have a question about the services Tanner offers, please send him an email.


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