Brand Identity Design

Translate your vision into strategy & design that works

Clarify your message

Unify your brand

Attract more customers

Brand Identity Design

Translate your vision into branding that works

Clarify your message

Unify your brand

Attract more customers

Trusted by: Dr. Maura McKeown and AssociatesTrusted by: Philotimo Wealth ManagementTrusted by: Carbon Software DevelopmentTrusted by: Station Dirt ExcavationTrusted by: Cody Moynihan Production IncTrusted by: Station Earth: Total Home Technologies

Hi, I'm Tanner. I work with businesses to translate their vision into branding that works.

I'm not here to tell you how to run your business. Or convince you that there's some secret formula only I have the answer to.

My goal is to help you transform your business into a brand that clearly speaks to your target audience using proven strategies and designs so that more customers want to buy from you more often.

If you're ready to translate your vision for your business into a brand your customers understand and care about, let's talk.


We identify what makes your business unique, then create a brand that speaks your customers language.

Brand Messaging

A clear message helps attract more customers.
Why? Because a clear message makes it easy for people to understand the value your business offers. This is where most businesses fall flat.
We develop your business's message so that it speaks clearly and directly to your customer's needs and desires, allowing them to see at a glance that you have exactly what they need—leading to more sales.
What's Included

Strategy Session

Market Analysis


Customer Journey


Brand Identity

Customers trust what they understand.
A brand identity that's aligned with a clear message is better positioned to engage customers. We align the core elements of your brand's identity with your brand's message so that customers feel confident in what your business has to offer—helping you stand out in the market.
What's Included

Logo System

Colour Palette



Brand Guide


Misaligned marketing confuses customers.
We develop marketing that convey your brand's message in a way customers understand and trust so that your business better engages customers—leading to more conversions.
Available Options

Digital Advertising

Website Design & Development

Copy Writing

Print Collateral

Drew Hoffer
Carbon Software Development

If you're feeling lost about your marketing, worried about getting it wrong, or not knowing what to write and how your ads should look, then Tanner's the guy you want on your side. He knows exactly how to create a powerful message that will get you the results you're looking for.

Cody Moynihan
Cody Moynihan Productions Inc.

Working with Tanner has been a great experience for me. He’s helped me grow my business by increasing credibility, conversions, and so much more. Since working with Tanner, I'm connecting with clients I previously had no access to. If you have any doubts, please don’t; the only regret you'll have is not working with him sooner!

CJ Stevens
Philotimo Wealth Management

We could quickly tell Tanner not only knew what he was talking about, but he had done his research. As we started seeing things come together, it was exciting. We look forward to continuing to leverage Tanner’s expertise and working with him to get our brand in front of clients.

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Transform your business

Your business struggles to stand out in a crowded market
Marketing feels like throwing things at the wall to see what sticks
There's a disconnect between what your business stands for and how your business looks
Your current brand feels stale or you're rebranding
Marketing doesn't stand out and leaves customers feeling confused
Customers leave your website after a few seconds
You want to generate leads who value what you have to offer


Translate the vision of your business into branding that works.

Most businesses struggle to get their marketing right. As a result, customers tune out.

Not because something is fundamentally wrong but because it's often difficult to translate the vision of your business into a language your customers understand and care about.

It shouldn't feel this way though. Speaking your customers' language should feel intuitive and rewarding—not like guesswork.

That's why I started my business—to translate the vision of my clients' businesses into intuitive branding that gives their marketing consistently positive results.

Since setting out, my work has been recognized by the ADCC and RGD, and even featured in publications like Applied Arts. And I've been proudly certified by the RGD for the past 7 years. Meaning I've got the skills, knowledge, and ethics to deliver quality results for my clients.

If marketing your business feels like guesswork, let's talk. I'd love to help.

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