Brand Identity Design Process

This is the process each brand identity project takes to get from concept to completion.

Working together, we'll uncover the building blocks of your brand and craft an identity that leverages what makes you unique.

These five steps build upon eachother to create a final outcome that elevates, engages and informs your brand in the eyes of your audience.


After contacting me, we'll begin with the following steps:
  1. A quick conversation discussing the project, its scope, timeline, budget, and to see if we're a good fit.
  2. I'll send you a proposal detailing 3 available options and a contract.
  3. If approved, a deposit will be made and work will begin.*

*Depending on the project scope, a 50–100% deposit is required. Any remaining payment will be made no later than net 15 days after project completion.


This step lays the foundation for design by creating a map of your business.
  1. We begin with the discovery questionnaire in which we work together answering a series of questions to uncover what makes your business unique.
  2. From there, I'll compile the answers to form a comprehensive guide from which research will be based. Clients also receive a copy to keep as reference.
  3. Research is then conducted in a number of areas to better understand the target market and competitor landscape.
  4. Data collected is cross-referenced with the initial discovery questionnaire to uncover opportunities.
  5. Opportunities that are validated using a number of tool; company Brand Values, Market Segmentation, SWOT analysis, Authenticity Scorecard, Customer-Company Alignment Chart, Customer Touchpoints, and Brand Good-Different Identifier Chart.

Along the way we'll discuss and review what's been uncovered, ensuring the brand is developing in a direction that's both effective for you and your customers.


For design, we'll take what was uncovered during discovery and distils it into a visual form.
  1. It starts by getting ideas onto paper with sketching.
  2. The most effective ideas will be brought into the computer to be further explored and refined.
  3. The designs—typically 3—that best capture the essence of the brand during exploration are then transformed into Stylescapes.
  4. Stylescapes show how the brand will look and behave across mediums by displaying realistic mock-ups of branded elements—logo, typeface, business cards, website, products, etc.—all together, visualizing how the completed brand will look.
  5. We'll then review the Stylescapes, gather feedback, and move on to refinements after choosing a design direction.


Additional refinements may be needed for the chosen concept. We'll follow these steps:
  1. Feedback is gathered from key stakeholders and provided all at one time.
  2. I will confirm the feedback, requesting clarification if needed.
  3. Feedback will be implimented, creating a new draft of design for review.

A project scope includes 3 rounds of revisions. The completed draft of a design—detailed above—is one round of revisions. More revisions are always available, billed at an hourly rate.


Refinements are complete and the brand is ready to launch.
  1. I'll prepare and deliver final artwork files to you and your vendors as needed.
  2. Branded print materials may be needed; I’ll contact printers for quotes and manage the printing process.

If your project includes Brand Guidelines, all elements of your brand identity design—logo, symbol, typography, color palette, tone of voice, photographic style, icons, etc.—will be captured in this document to be used as a valuable reference to keep your visuals on-brand going forward.


For a typical Brand Identity Design project, allow for 6–8 weeks. For a typical Logo Design project, allow for 3–4 weeks. Atypical timelines can be discussed as needed.

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