Creating a strong brand shouldn't feel like a mystery.

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Brand Identity Design Process

With these steps, we'll uncover what makes your business unique and develop a brand that stands out from the crowd.


We’ll have an initial conversation to uncover your goals, problems, and metrics for success. Then, we’ll use those metrics to create an outlined version of your Personalized Brand Plan.

  • We'll ask key questions to inform your brand’s message
  • Form the narrative of your customer’s journey
  • Look for opportunities to position your brand in the market
  • Use market research to inform each step of the process


Here, we'll codify what’s been discovered into crystal-clear messaging that defines your brand and informs its design.

  • Create a clear, repeatable, and easily understood plan
  • Ensure that plan remains flexible to grow alongside your business
  • Define the features that make your business unique
  • Characterize the language you’ll use to attract the right customers


With your new and clearly defined brand, we’ll design the visuals you need to spread your message, look competent, feel confident, and attract the right customers.

  • We'll develop a logo that represents your brand
  • Create a brand colour palette that exemplifies your values
  • Select the typeface you’ll use to amplify your message
  • Define how imagery is used throughout your brand
  • Create the branded assets you'll need to grow your business
  • Create a guide for consistent implementation of your


Your brand is ready to launch. Feeling confident, looking professional, and ready to attract the right customers, you have the tools you need to start growing your business.

  • Set off on the right foot
  • Feel confident about your brand
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Start attracting the right customers
  • Have the tools you need to grow your business


The typical Personalized Brand Plan project takes 6–8 weeks. Atypical timelines can be discussed as needed.

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