Station Dirt

The brand's current logo no longer represented the direction the business was headed. A new direction that positioned the brand as a contemporary leader needed to be explored.

The result is a brand that can grow alongside the business, with positioning as professional as the products and services they offer.
Bringing a contemporary look to an existing brand.
Brand Identity
The logo needed to work across mediums. From hardhats to large vinyl decals on equipment, the symbol's linework is kept uncluttered to remain legible no matter the scale.
The business's existing logo no longer represented the direction they were headed. The new logo needed to be contemporary while standing apart from competitors.
A series of sketches were conducted after researching the client's target market, business goals, competition, and other key areas.
After exploring the options available, three initial concepts were presented to the client.
Once the direction for the logo was decided, the remaining assets were explored and built out.

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