Branding for Growth

August 19, 2021

Branding is about values.

Branding is about experiences.

Branding is about combining values and experiences into something that customers can buy.

But we don’t use branding to sell.

Because customers don’t want to be sold anything.

But people want to buy.

And they want to buy things that align with their values.

Because what people buy is a reflection of themselves.

So, we use branding to align business values with customer values.

And we use branding to create opportunities where those values can be experienced by the customer.

But we don’t create the experience for the customer. We create opportunities for the customer to have their own experience.

Because customers don’t want to be sold.

Customers want to be seen as people.

And customers join brands when they’re seen as people.

And if a brand sees its customers as people and gives them experiences where they can discover value, then a brand will grow.