Branding In a Nutshell

What you say, how you say it, and what it all looks like—that's branding in a nutshell.

Customers interacting with your business considers these things first.

It's important you get them right. Yet, it's where most of us fail.

We try saying too much, being too clever, or looking too impressive instead of keeping things simple, being straightforward, and focusing on communication.

The problem is, customers don't really care what we have to say or how we look saying it. They care that what we offer solves their problem.

That's why if you've got a leaky pipe, you'll choose the plumber who promises to stop the leak fast over the one who says they solve all your plumbing needs.

We prefer 'We stop leaks fast' over 'We solve all your plumbing needs' becasue it speaks directly to the problem we're trying to solve.

So when it comes to your brand, keep it simple. Speak to the problems your customers are trying to solve. Don't try to be clever—your competition is already doing that. Use simplicity as your opportunity to stand out.

Tanner Garniss-Marsh, RGD, is a brand strategist and designer working with business owners to bring their envisioned brand to life with strategic and practical solutions.

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