Moving into a new year often means setting new goals for ourselves. Goals that will help us achieve more and get us closer to where we want to be.

The thing is, we tend to skip over what’s involved in completing these goals and choose to look towards the finish line instead.

That’s not to say our goals are unrealistic, but rather when it comes to completing them, the work involved can quickly become overwhelming.

When we’re overwhelmed, we tend to look for shortcuts. Shortcuts that allow us to produce results that will get us closer to our goal quickly and easily.

The thing is, these shortcuts rarely lay the foundation for long-term success and often lack in substance and quality.

For long-term success, you need persistence. The persistence to consistently show up, day after day, and take steps towards reaching your goal.

With persistence, we’re laying the foundation for our success. It’s what lets us hone our skills, becoming better at what we do.

It’s with this same persistence that we can create a great brand. Because a great brand isn’t built from a single great ad campaign or kick-ass product, but by being persistent. Persistent in the pursuit of being a little bit better than the day that came before.

Tanner Garniss-Marsh takes the guesswork out of branding, helping leaders grow their business with branding they and their customers love.


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