Speak Your Customer's Language: The Avis Approach to Reframing

Getting your customers to understand your business can be a game-changer. But what's the trick? Reframing might be the asnwer.

Instead of just naming what you sell, take a step back. Highlight the problems you're solving or the better future you're trying to create.

Avis, the car rental company, transformed their image and increased revenue by reframing their position as the second largest car rental company. Avis launched their "We Try Harder" marketing campaign, conveying that, as the underdog, they put more effort into customer satisfaction.

This clever reframing allowed Avis to demonstrate their commitment to excellence, appealing to more rental goers.

Reframing is all about clarifying your message. It's not about convincing customers to buy unnecessary products but aligning your offerings with their needs. The clearer your message, the more value people see in your business.

Consider Avis's story. How can you reframe your business's narrative to better serve your customers and grow your brand? It not only helps in improving communication but also encourages potential customers to recognize the value you offer.

Tanner Garniss-Marsh, RGD, is a brand strategist and designer working with business owners to bring their envisioned brand to life with strategic and practical solutions.

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