Unlocking Value for Your Customers: The Straightforward Guide for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

You've probably heard the phrase, "Offer value and they'll come". Sounds good, right? But it leaves you with a ton of questions. What's valuable to my customers? How can I make sure it works? Do I have to give stuff away for free?

Here's the truth: Value is something different to everybody. It's like buying a car. We don't all drive the same set of wheels because we've got different needs. A family of four needs something very different from a construction company, so we shop accordingly.

So, value is pretty personal. And figuring out what that means for your customers, well, that could feel like a puzzle.

But hang on, it gets easier. Providing value isn't some magic trick you pull off overnight. It's about consistently showing up for your customers in a way that matters to them.

To truly understand what your customers value, you gotta know their problems. Because hey, they're here because they think you can solve 'em! And that’s your chance to offer something that really hits home.

For example, if you’re offering an odor-killing cat litter, you know your customers are probably dealing with one stinky litter box. But don’t just push your product. Offer additional tips to combat that odor. These extras do more than add value. They build credibility with your customers. And credibility? That leads to trust.

Think of it this way – you're more likely to trust a car salesperson suggesting a cheaper but suitable car rather than the one pushing the most expensive model.

However, there's a line to walk. If you focus too much on free advice without highlighting your products, folks may not know what you're selling. Conversely, push your products too hard, and you risk scaring them away.

Here’s the simple fix. Be helpful first, then guide customers to your products or services when it's relevant. You’re creating a connection—not just pushing for a sale.

In a nutshell, there’s no shortcut, no certain assurances out here. But stand by your customers, have their best interests in heart, and you might just find them standing by you too.

Tanner Garniss-Marsh takes the guesswork out of branding, helping leaders grow their business with branding they and their customers love.


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