Brand Perceptions

February 18, 2023

Most marketing problems come from the belief that you're fighting a product or service battle rooted in reality. That your chances of winning will be based on how well your offering performs against competitors. Not true at all!

In marketing, there are no better products or services. There are no objective realities. There is only what customers perceive in their minds as being true.

Marketing is simply an attempt to get your customers to believe what you want them to. If they believe it, they'll act on it. If not, they won't. And how well your product or service performs against competitors has nothing to do with whether customers will buy from you.

What we view as the truth is the truth.

Now, does that mean you have free liberties to lie across your marketing? You can certainly try, but that typically doesn't end well.

Instead, you'd be better off figuring out how your product or service fits into your customers' worldview, then showing them how it makes that view even better.