Choice of Way

The world is constantly changing.
Tomorrow will be different from today. And the day after. And the day after that.
We can run our business trying to stay out in front, yet something will always come along that reframes our understanding.
It’s a cycle that’s constantly repeating and bringing with it uncertainties.
We can try to warp our brand to keep up. But that never works.
Because when we’re uncertain, we look towards the things that are.
It’s why brands that stick to their values and their audience tend to come out on top.
Think Coca-Cola who has been around for over 136 years. Or McDonalds, who builds more than 1300 restaurants world-wide a year.  
The change we seek to make may seem slow in comparison to everything happening around us.
But only by staying true to the change we seek to make can we hope to see it happen.

Tanner Garniss-Marsh takes the guesswork out of branding, helping leaders grow their business with branding they and their customers love.


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