Connecting With Your Audience: Leveraging Shared Values for Brand Success

Meet Your Audience Where They Are: Why Values Matter

When it comes to values, we know there's no one-size-fits-all. If you ask two people the same question, chances are, you'll get two different answers. But when you keep asking enough people, you'll eventually find an overlap. And guess what? That overlap is where the opportunity for your brand lies.

The Key to Connecting: Highlight Overlapping Values

If you want your target audience to connect with your brand, it's crucial to speak their language. And we're not talking about English, Spanish, or any other literal languages. We mean understanding and emphasizing the overlapping values your audience shares in your brand's communication strategies.

Break It Down: Real-Life Examples

Let's dive into some examples to see how this all plays out. Let's say you're a tool company, and you want to focus on professional woodworkers. If you ask them what they value in tools, they'll likely say quality and reliability over cost. They want tools that can handle any job efficiently because their livelihood depends on it.

So, how do you speak their language? Show them how your tools are tough, efficient, and high-quality. Emphasize how using your tools can complete more jobs in less time, making them a valuable investment even if they cost a bit more.

On the other hand, if your target audience consists of hobbyist woodworkers, they're probably more concerned about cost-effectiveness and versatility without compromising quality. They want tools that offer maximum creative freedom without breaking the bank.

For this audience, you'll need a different strategy. Show them how your tools offer flexibility and freedom, saving them time and money. Let them know that they can create their dream projects without needing multiple expensive tools.

Winning Strategies from Top Brands

Brands like Nike and Tom's Shoes have managed to nail this concept. Nike's "Just Do It" speaks to their target audience's values of achievement and determination. Tom's Shoes, on the other hand, targeted socially conscious consumers with their 'One for One' model, touching their audience's desire to be part of a significant social impact.

With these examples in mind, here's how you can apply this approach to your brand:

  1. Know Your Audience: Gather insights about your target audience by using surveys, social media, and market research.
  2. Understand Their Values: Look for common beliefs and desires shared among your audience. Identify what truly matters to them.
  3. Find the Overlap: Discover the intersection between your brand values and your target audience's values.
  4. Weave Values into Your Brand Message: Incorporate these shared values into your brand content, including your website, ad campaigns, and social media.
  5. Test and Refine: Post-implementation, gather feedback and analyze performance. Always look for ways to improve your approach.

When we talk about these targeted communication strategies, we're talking about sending the right signals—that your offering is especially designed and carefully crafted with your audiences specific needs and priorities in mind.

So, What's the Bottom Line?

Whether you're catering to professional woodworkers or hobbyists, the key is to send the right signals to your target audience. Let them know that you've crafted your offerings, keeping their specific needs and priorities in mind. When you do that, you connect with them on a deeper level, inviting them to engage with your brand and what you have to offer.

So remember, as a brand, it's not about reaching everyone. It's about finding those overlapping values your target audience shares and making them feel like you get them. When you do that, you open the door to success.

Tanner Garniss-Marsh, RGD, is a brand strategist and designer working with business owners to bring their envisioned brand to life with strategic and practical solutions.

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