What Gets Measured Gets Done

April 8, 2023
April 8, 2023

It's a common saying: what gets measured gets done. However, there are various ways to evaluate results, and sometimes the most apparent units of measurement do not necessarily lead to the best outcomes. This can divert our attention from the metrics that truly matter, causing us to misinterpret our successes or failures and attribute them to unrelated factors.

As a result, we find ourselves pursuing the wrong objectives and straying further from the desired results. This cycle of misguided focus can hinder our ability to achieve our goals and ultimately leads to a lack of progress. It is crucial to recognize this pitfall and take action to realign our focus on the appropriate metrics.

To resolve this issue, we must take the time to evaluate what we are measuring and shift our focus away from the most obvious units of measure. By doing so, we can often discover novel solutions that are more closely correlated to better results. This process of continuous evaluation and adjustment allows us to stay on track and ensure that our efforts are always directed towards the right goals.

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