Simplify Complexities

August 19, 2021

Give people something easy to understand. It can be a commonality, an idea, a concept, a goal.

A story, for example, doesn’t present all the information at once. Instead, it lays it out, piece by piece. Starting with a simple concept, then expanding on it. It gives you enough information to draw you in, then reveals a depth that makes you want to stay.

If it were the other way around, the barrier of entry would be too high. There’s nothing to hook you.

We don’t start a book by opening it to the middle. We’d be lost.

In a world where people expect to understand things in 240 characters or less, making information easy to understand is key.

So, present it with a simple concept. Make it easy to understand, and if people are intrigued, they’ll want to find out more. Just make sure there’s enough depth for them to explore once you’ve drawn them in. And make sure there’s enough value in that depth that makes them want to stay.