Quick Tips to Elevate Your Brand: Strengthening Consistency and Authenticity

A strong brand is an essential asset for any business. Done well, and your brand will help you stand out, communicate your values, and attract your ideal customers. Let's take a look at the steps other businesses have taken to enhance their brand, and the steps you can take to improve yours.

Targeted Changes: Enhancing Your Brand Performance

1. Professionalism: Picture it as refining your brand akin to dressing for a sophisticated event. Your brand should be:

  • Expertly designed: Much like Apple's sleek and modern aesthetic that sets it apart.
  • Consistently engaging: Similar to how Coca-Cola maintains its iconic red and white colour scheme across all platforms.
  • Following a unique voice: Wendy's demonstrates this by using a witty and engaging tone in its social media interactions.

2. Reflecting Business Values: Your brand should prominently display your values like a well-positioned billboard. It should:

  • Showcase what matters: Patagonia's dedication to environmental activism is evident in both their products and marketing efforts.
  • Align with your company's objectives: Google's clean, user-friendly interface echoes its mission to organize the world's information.
  • Anticipate the future: Amazon's brand strategy comprises constant technology innovations, foreseeing and shaping the future of online purchasing.

3. Connecting with your Tribe: Drawing in those who resonate with your values like a magnet is essential:

  • Attract more customers: Harley-Davidson's brand image of freedom captivates numerous motorcycle enthusiasts.
  • Avoid the hard sell: TOMS' appealing "One for One" model resonates with socially conscious consumers.
  • Form a brand evangelist community: Tesla owners, proud of their association, eagerly share experiences, promoting Tesla organically.

Steps to Amplify Your Brand

1. Consistency is King: Your brand's look and voice should harmonize impeccably.

  • Stay on the brand track: McDonald's adhering to its yellow and red colour theme even in its minimalist logo redesign.
  • Promote your values: Dove unfailingly supports body positivity through its advertisements.

2. Claim your Spotlight: Reach your customers where they frequent and make your presence felt:

  • Smart advertising: Squarespace's ads in popular podcasts resonate with digital creatives.
  • Create engaging content: BuzzFeed's quizzes entice those seeking entertaining procrastination material.
  • Consistent online visibility: Oreo effectively shares creative cookie renditions tied to relevant events and holidays.

3. Building Trust: Credibility isn't built overnight; consistency and reliability are key:

  • Stick to good vibes: Johnson & Johnson reassured consumer safety by replacing a controversial ingredient with cornstarch.
  • Deliver helpful, not spammy, mails: Everlane's communications offer sustainable fashion insights rather than solely promoting products.
  • Boost credibility: Intel's partnerships with leading tech firms showcase their technological prowess.

Benefits from Your Brand Makeover

These beneficial changes can lead to your brand being seen as an authority in your field, rejuvenation of your brand image, and attracting your ideal clientele. All these can drive your business ahead, establishing a strong foothold in a competitive market. These simple yet effective strategies can help transform your brand into a powerful player in your industry.

Tanner Garniss-Marsh, RGD, is a brand strategist and designer working with business owners to bring their envisioned brand to life with strategic and practical solutions.

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