Those Who Care To Listen

January 29, 2022

We’re bombarded with ads every day. It’s easier to tune out than tune in.

Yet, some ads seem to cut through the noise and make us pay attention. They know what we want and why we want it. Be it a problem to solve or helping us find the next big thing, they offer exactly what we need.

When it’s those ads, we don’t mind if they borrow our time because they’re giving us something we value in return.

That’s how it should be.

When we don’t take the time to understand our customers—their wants, needs… what makes them tick—we’re signalling we don’t value their time. That we’re more interested in making the sale than helping them achieve what they desire.

At that point, we’re only helping add to the noise. Deadlocked in a constant battle among those who shout the loudest. It’s no wonder we tune out when others do the same.

Instead of shouting, we’d be better off whispering. Confidently telling those that care to listen we understand what they want and that we’re willing to help.