Who's it for?

August 19, 2021

Is it useful? Is it worth anything? Is it important?

If it is, then to whom?

If the answer is only you, then it’ll be of little value to your customers.

And it’s in creating value for your customers that you can begin to make an impact—for them and your business.

But value is a hard thing to measure, which makes it tempting to look towards short-term gains as a metric for performance.

However, it’s in long-term value creation that you’ll find the most gains.

Unlike short-term gains, a focus on long-term value creation allows you to build trust and awareness. Two things that are seldom built over short periods of time and both made possible through the value you give your customers.

Because it’s only value your customers care about. They don’t care how long or how much money it took you to make, only what it does for them.

If nobody wants it, it’s of little value.