What's Your Why?

February 19, 2022

What’s your business’s why? The why you exist. The big change you seek to make. The driving force that propels your business forward. What is it?

For many, the underlying narrative that drives their why is to be successful, engage people in a way that benefits both sides, be respected, seen, and appreciated, and make enough money to do it all again.

It’s no wonder it’s difficult for businesses to stand out when the why that’s driving their brand is the same as everyone else’s.

Instead of defining our why, we’d better off defining how it aligns with the people we seek to serve. Getting specific and speaking as if they’re the only ones listening. Describing how we can help them, and what awaits if they decide to engage.

When our why becomes our customers why, we’re no longer stuck trying to convince them that we’re the right choice—they’ve already bought in—our why is the reason they’re seeking us out in the first place.

At that point, all that’s left to do is help guide them towards where they want to go.