Why Your Brand Matters

August 16, 2021

Whether you are starting a business or focusing on growing your current one, your brand matters. However, it can be hard to understand why it matters.

Typically, a brand is thought of as a company’s logo, product or service. But that’s not a brand, a brand is a result. It’s the culmination of everything a company puts out into the world and the subsequent gut feeling you have when you think of it.

Your brand is your company’s reputation. As long as that reputation is positive in a similar enough way across all of your customers, you’ll have a successful brand.

But a successful brand is not singular in the way it is perceived.

A brand is perceived differently by everyone it reaches. The person whom your company has helped in the past is going to have a different perception of your brand than the person you have yet to work with.

Your brand is what sticks in the minds of your clients and customers long after the work has been done or the products has been purchased. It’s what helps provide a consistent voice across your business’s many touchpoints and what’s going to create a consistent message in the minds of the people who interact with it.

So ask yourself, who is your brand reaching, and how is it being perceived?